JAnoveltyArt | Dog in armour on battle field, Renaissance Dog Portrait
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Dog in armour on battle field, Renaissance Dog Portrait


I like create an image inspired by model. In this case I see him in middle of battle field, involved and alive like an army leader. Think about it, it’s like a metaphor for our everyday life. The other great point about this image, I’ve created image at real high resolution (300dpi) at XXL size (36 inches * 24 inches).


  • I’d like to know a little about your pet and his personality.
  • If you have a specific painting or character in your mind, just let me know, I will take care of your suggestion.
  • Send me some photos of your pet. The painting quality will be better if you send me a high quality photo. Close-ups are better. Try to have your pet sitting up or standing up, rather than laying down.
  • If you can, send me several photos with different position and attitude, on my email – manon [at] janovelty.com.
  • If you do not know exactly the size of the final image that can be made based on your picture, send me the images by email before purchasing, and I’ll answer you very soon.


I will send you the DIGITAL HIGH RESOLUTION JPG file for your use and more high resolution files suitable for professional printing services in 1-3 days. Then you can print and frame it immediately!
* Please contact me is you are in a hurry or if you have any other requirements. 

NOTE - I CAN MAKE ANY KIND OF PORTRAITS in Photoshop, not only for CAT and DOGS, but even for people, family, teams ETC... also, you can choose any background picture you like or let me choose for you.


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